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There are many reasons you may need to rent a car. Your own vehicle may be in the shop for repairs, or you may have been involved in an accident. When you travel by plane or train, it is likely you will want to rent a car when you arrive at your destination. Or maybe you have decided to take a road trip with a few friends and need something larger than your personal vehicle. No matter what your reason, Avis Car Rental Dallas and other locations can provide you with the perfect vehicle for your needs.

About Avis Rental Car

Avis was founded in 1946 by Warren Avis in Detroit. Using an $85,000 investment, the company became the first to be located in an airport. Not long after the first location was opened, a second was opened in Miami. In 1954, the company was sold to Richard S. Robie, a Boston financier, for $8 million and, two years later, was acquired by Amoskeag Company. In 1962, the company was once again sold to Lazard, Freres and Company. Just three years later, Avis Car Rental Fort Worth and in other locations was purchased by ITT who, seven years later, turned it into a public company. Over the years, Avis was acquired by many different companies, finally purchased by Cendant in 2001. In 2006, Cendant separated into four independent companies, Realogy, Wyndham Worldwide, Travelgroup and Avis Budget Group.

Avis Car Rental Locations Near Me Firsts

What you will find when you look for Avis rental car near me is that the company has many “firsts” in the industry. They were the first rental car company to offer electronic toll collectors on the E-Z Pass network. They were also the first company to offer portable wireless internet as well as paperless alternative to rental receipts, all in 2007. With the electronic toll collectors, Avis rental car Naples customers as well as those throughout Florida and other states were able to simply have tolls applied to their rental bill. In 2008, Avis was optimized for mobile devices and, in 2009, launches an iPhone application that was the first rental car app available. Planning a trip to see the historic sites of our nation’s capital? Avis rental car Washington can provide you with a car that will get you around town easily.

Avis Locations

There are multiple Avis locations where you can find the perfect car. If you are heading to the Museum of Coca Cola or the world famous botanical garden, Avis Car Rental Atlanta can provide you with the perfect vehicle. You can select Avis Car Rental Manhattan if you are going to be in New York or if you plan to check out the “grassy knoll,” choose Avis Car Rental Dallas or you may find a better option at Avis Car Rental Fort Worth. No matter where you plan to travel, a search for “Avis Car Rental locations near me” is a great way to find the best vehicles available.

Avis Car Rental Near Me Requirements

Whether you are visiting an Avis Car Rental Missouri or an Avis Car Rental Illinois location, there are certain requirements that are standard for all Avis Car Rental requirements. In order to pick up a car from an Avis Car Rental New Hampshire or any other location, you must provide a driver’s license issued by a U.S. state, territory or possession. Canadian passports, a license issued by a country that participated in the 1949 Geneva convention on Road Traffic or the 1943 Convention on the Regulation of Inter-American Automobile Traffic as well as a license issued by a country with a reciprocal agreement with the United States also qualifies for Avis Car Rental Mississippi and other locations. It must be a hard copy of the license as digital versions are not accepted. In order to pick up an Avis Car Rental Florence or at another location, you must be 25 years old.

Avis Rental Car Near Me Forms of Payment

Avis Car Rental Missouri and other locations accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. They also accept American Express, AT&T Capital, China Union Pay, Diner’s Club International, Discover, GE Capital, JCB and Sears. In some locations, credit worthiness may need to be determined in order to rent with a debit card. If you plan to rent a car in Canada, you may not use a debit card for the rental. A hold may be placed on an account when paying with a debit card.

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