Budget Car Rental Discounts And Reservations

Get Budget Car Rental Discounts And Book A Budget Reservation

Choosing the right rental car company can be confusing. You want to be sure you get the best price, but you also want to be sure the car you rent will be suitable for your needs. Whether you are traveling for vacation, work or your vehicle is in the shop, Budget Car Rental can help.

About Budget Car Rental

The company was founded by Morris Mirkin in Los Angeles and the name was chosen as it was designed for the budget-minded car renter. Known initially as Budget Rent A Car, the company grew over the next few years, getting the attention of Mirkin’s relative, Jules Lederer, who created a leasing company to help the Budget Car Rental LA grow even more quickly. In 1960, the two men created Budget Rent A Car Corporation, establishing Budget car rental locations Chicago. In 1986, Gibbons, Green and van Amerongen Ltd. Purchased the company, taking it public in 1987. The company moved to Lisle, Illinois, in 1992 and in 1997, Team Rental Group purchased the company. Today, the company is owned by Cendant and their headquarters are in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Budget Rental Car Firsts

In 1998, the cheap budget car rental company introduced “Fastbreak,” a paperless transaction experience. In 2003, Budget created the Budget Business Program, offering corporate discounts, complimentary Fastbreak service and no additional driver fees to smaller companies who used Budget car rental Long Beach CA, Budget rental car Delaware as well as other locations such as Budget rental car Alaska and Budget car rental Kentucky, to name a few. That same year, the company created “Budget Pride,” an employee incentive program. In 2009. Budget Car Rental became one of the first rental car companies to make all vehicles smoke-free.

Budget Car Rental Requirements

In most states, you can rent a car from Budget at the age of 21. Budget car rental Buffalo NY and other locations in that state allow you to rent a vehicle at 18. You can also rent at 18 at Budget car rental Grand Rapids and other Michigan locations. However, if you are under 25, there is a surcharge at most Budget locations, including Budget Rental Car Colorado locations. You must present a valid driver’s license and either a credit or debit card. Deposits at Budget car rental St Louis MO locations as well as other locations around the world are required. Your driving record may also be checked when you rent a car at Budget car rental Louisville KY and other places where Budget offers vehicles.

Budget Payment Options

You can pay for your rental car when you return the vehicle with cash. However, in order for the car to be released to you, Budget rental car Connecticut and other locations will require you to provide a credit or debit card. In order to rent the vehicle with a debit card, you must be 25 years old and be prepared for a hold placed on your account for the duration of the rental. There are some locations that will only accept debit cards upon return of the rental, so you want to be sure to use the Budget Car Rental 800 number to confirm you can use a debit card when you pick up your vehicle. You can also search for budget rental car near me and call ahead.

Book A Budget Rental Car

Whether you visit budget car rental Nebraska budget rent a car Middletown or are looking for a budget rent a car Las Vegas Nevada, you will find a car that fits your needs. Budget rental car Connecticut locations as well as almost every other location offers budget car rental weekend rates as well. A search for budget rental car near me will help you find the closest location to where you are so you can get the ultimate in low-cost service. Another option instead of searching for Budget Rent A Car near me is to visit RentalCarDiscounts.com. They offer many savings on rental cars, including Budget Car Rental Chicago, Budget Rental Car Colorado and any other location where Budget cars are available. There is never a membership fee, and you can begin saving at once. Rather than comb the internet for Budget Car Rental weekend rates, visit RentalCarDiscounts.com today instead of searching for Budget car rental near me.