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Thrifty Car Rental is recognized worldwide as a company that provides great vehicles at low prices. Simple search for “Thrifty Car Rental near me” to see the many options you can choose from when you need a rental car. Before you choose Thrifty Rental Car, you may want to gain an understanding of how far they have come, what their policies are and what forms of payment they accept.

About Thrifty Rental Car

Founded in 1958, the Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc. and they purchased Snappy Car Rental in 1989. The end of that year, Chrysler Corporation purchased the rental car company planning to merge it with their Pentastar Transportation Group. By 1997, the company merged with Dollar with a focus on value-priced rentals. The company was acquired by Hertz in 2012 but still operates as a separate entity.

Thrifty Rental Car Requirements

The minimum driving age at most locations to rent a car is 20. In Michigan and New York, the minimum age is 18. There may be a Thrifty Car Rental under 25 fee assessed at the time of the rental at some locations. To learn whether there is a Thrifty Car Rental under 25 fee, search for “Thrifty Rental Car near me” and either send an email or give them a call. All renters must have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. The actual physical card must be present at the time of the rental as digital wallet cards are not accepted. The cost of the rental as well as $200 additional will be held on the card. For debit cards, an additional $400 will be held in addition to the rental fees. This means that these funds will not be available for your use until the end of the rental.

Is Thrifty Car Rental Good?

A search for Thrifty Car Rental reviews finds that the answer to the question “Is Thrifty Car Rental good?” is that they are a good company. Many Thrifty car rental reviews indicate that the customer service they received was above expectations. When things did go wrong, staff was able to make corrections quickly and easily. This seems to be the case at Thrifty Car Rental Louisville, Thrifty car rental Reno and even Thrifty Car Rental Dallas Love Field locations. It also appears that customers are treated the same whether they use a Thrifty Car Rental promo code. You can even find comparisons between Dollar vs Thrifty Car Rental with Thrifty coming out on top most of the time.

Thrifty Car Rentals Near Me

A search for Thrifty Car Rentals near me, whether you are at home or out of town, you can find a nearby Thrift location. Thrifty Car Rental Tampa Airport or Thrifty Car Rental Philadelphia Airport offer easy-access to the airport. Even Thrifty Car Rental LAX and Thrifty Car Rental Kansas City airport are easy to get to and offer the outstanding service Thrifty is known for. It is also possible by searching “Thrifty Rental Car near me” to find Thrifty Car Rental discount codes that will save you money.

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